Special Open Session, July 26, 2019

At the Open Forum portion of the Open Session meeting on July 17, 2019, Members presented the Board their concerns about the recent Clubhouse Remodel Project vote. Both positive and negative comments were voiced. The Board has taken Member comments during the meeting, plus those shared on “Message to Management” into consideration.

The Board recognizes that some have expressed concerns about the process that preceded the vote relative to compliance with the Associations Governing Documents. The Board acknowledges that there were minor discrepancies in the Ballot letter that was mailed out to all Members. However, the Board feels that the election was carried out fairly and in accordance with the Governing Documents and that Members were given sufficient written notice of the June 18, 2019 Special Meeting of the Members.

The Board does not wish to continue a debate relative to the legality of the election and vote as this only continues to fuel the division between the Members of our Community. Therefore, in order to overcome the issues relative to the vote and move forward with the Clubhouse Remodel Project, the Board is pursuing a compromise approach:

  1. The Oakmont Room remodel will proceed subject to negotiation with the selected contractor, CCI.
  2. The Office expansion portion of the Remodel Project will be put on hold and the Board will explore less expensive options to provide improvements for the office staff and eliminate the noise coming from the adjacent Billiards area.

Putting the Office expansion on hold until a less expensive option is developed will have an impact on the overall construction schedule. Discussions with CCI indicate that it will still be more cost effective to do both the Oakmont Room remodel and Office remodel at the same time. Therefore, the Board is scheduling a meeting in early August with the Architect, Michael Bern, to develop a layout of the Office area that will provide efficient utilization of the space within the existing Clubhouse exterior footprint. Following approval by the Board, CCI will provide a cost for the revised plan. Re-submittal of the revised plan to the City of Beaumont for approval will be required. This will be handled as an amendment to the currently approved plans.

The revised Office plan, cost and schedule will be presented to the Members once all information is available.

The Board sincerely hopes that this compromise solution will be acceptable to all Solera Members and will unite the Community in support of the enhancements that the Project will bring to our Clubhouse.


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