Community shredding questions!


All clamps, paperclips must be removed.  Staples are okay

Standard size boxes (no larger than banker size boxes – 15 x 12 x 10)

$5 per box/bag….no outside guests

Shredding will be done on site at the clubhouse parking lot

No drop and runs, if you leave shredding behind, it will not get shredded.  The HOA will not be responsible for any shredding left behind without the resident being present.

Take back with you the boxes/bags you brought your material in.  The HOA is not responsible for disposing of your materials.

PAPER ONLY to be shredded.  Batteries of any kind, electronics, nails, screws, tools, silverware, aerosol cans, coins, wood, medications are all prohibited for the safety of staff and Shredit employees.

Shredit will not issue a “certificate of destruction” for your shredding at this community event.  If you require a “certificate of destruction” (medical, financial, legal, etc) you will have to take your shredding elsewhere.

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