COVID-19 Update – April 30, 2020

Closed SignThe Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has thrust communities and our personal lives into uncharted waters. This has been an extremely unsettling time for all. Many have faced economic impacts and serious health concerns. These circumstances have also caused significant anxiety and frustration. We know there is a lot of information out there, some of which varies from expert to expert.

The Solera Board is committed to the health and safety of all Residents and has sought expert opinions to determine the best course of action when it comes to safely reopening common areas and facilities. Based on the recommendations and advice to date, the Board considers it a risk to health and safety and therefore will continue to keep the common area and facilities closed. Once protocols by government agencies are in place that we can adopt, we will be able to re-open.

The tennis and pickleball courts were reopened based on government and local authorities’ recommendations and required play and safety guidelines. On April 24, 2020, the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health also released the following pool reopening notification:

Public pools, including those in an HOA, apartment complex, hotel, motel, and country club, are permitted to operate for single occupancy only (one swimmer at a time), regardless of size or volume of pool. No gatherings around the pool are permitted, though a parent or guardian should remain with a minor who is swimming at all times to ensure safety.

All outdoor furniture in pool areas must be removed or stacked/chained in such a manner that furniture is rendered unusable.

Drinking fountains and showers must remain closed and roped off from use. High touch areas such as handrails, restroom surfaces, light switches, dispensers, faucets, and doorknobs must be sanitized frequently.

Pools shall continue to be maintained in accordance with all County laws and regulations to ensure proper chemicals and safety measures are present. More information on pool safety can be found here.

City, County, and other public agency pools must remain closed.

Based on this information, the Board of Directors have determined not to reopen the pool area at this time. The monitoring of the pool to ensure only one person uses it at a time, and the extensive cleaning requirement following each resident’s use, would not be feasible.

Your Solera Board understands the desire to get back to normal and be able to use the facilities again. It is also understood that residents associate their assessments with use of the facilities. The board has a duty to ensure all common areas are maintained during this time. No Association expenses have been eliminated and all vendors and management staff are working to manage and maintain the community overall.

The Board is meeting in Executive Session weekly and will continue to follow this closely. Updates will be provided to Residents as it becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and cooperation as we all navigate these difficult times together, and seek safe solutions going forward.

Stay safe and healthy!

Your Solera Oak Valley Greens Board of Directors and Management Team

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