When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared to respond swiftly and efficiently. Designing a solid disaster response plan will make it easier for you to be sure that your family is taken care of and that your home is back to normal as soon as possible following an emergency. By evaluating your own personal needs and making an emergency plan that fits those needs, you and your loved ones can be better prepared. Your plan should enable you to care for your household without assistance for a minimum of three days.

  • Keep your resident contact information current with the Association office. Sign up for eBlast email notifications.
  • Keep your emergency contact numbers current and handy – include your doctors, pharmacy and insurance agent.
  • Keep emergency supplies well stocked – First Aid Kit, water and nonperishable food supplies, medications and other necessities sufficient to last for each household member for 3 days. Don’t forget your pets!
  • Know how, and have the tools readily available, to shut down your utilities if necessary – gas, water and electricity.

The following links will assist you with information and instructions to prepare for emergencies:

A handy checklist to Build a Basic Disaster Supply Kit. Be sure to check their website links for other preparedness information. Be Red Cross Ready
Excellent resource for common emergencies in your region.
Ready for Wildfire 3 Step Readiness for wildfire evacuation and fire mitigation measures.


Solera ERAC
Emergency Readiness Advisory Committee provides education and emergency preparedness information to Solera Residents.
Solera Radio Club is a group of licensed radio operators that train in emergency radio communications. Solera CERT Cadre is organized and managed by City of Beaumont Police Office of Emergency Services providing free life savings training and disaster drills.


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