California Civil Code requires that a valid ballot be submitted as follows. If your ballot is not returned exactly as required, your ballot will not be counted for election purposes.  Your invalid ballot will be counted to establish a quorum only.

  • Ballot Package At least 30 days before election day, a ballot package will be mailed to each unit in the Association. The package will contain the Ballot, 2 envelopes and complete instructions for completing and returning the Ballot. Instructions must be followed exactly as stated in the instructions in order for your ballot to be valid.
  • No Identifiers on Ballots  To preserve confidentiality, voters may not be identified by name, address, or lot, parcel, or unit number on ballots. The ballot itself is not signed by the voter but is inserted into an envelope that is sealed.
  • Signed Outer Envelope The envelope is then inserted into a second envelope that is sealed. The upper left hand corner of the second envelope must contain the voter’s printed name and address.  The envelope must also be signed by the voter.
    Failing to sign and/or provide the required information on the outer envelope voids the ballot.
  • Counting of the Ballot All votes shall be counted and tabulated by the inspector of elections.  With the exception of the inspector of elections verifying the member’s information and signature on the outer envelope, no person, including a member of the association or an employee of the management company, shall open or otherwise review any ballot prior to the time and place at which the ballots are counted and tabulated.

No attempts will be made by the inspector of elections to obtain missing or inaccurate information on any ballot envelope.  Once a secret ballot is received by the inspector of elections, it shall be irrevocable. CIV §5120(a)

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