On October 12, 2019 Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 323 which set forth new election rule requirements for all community associations in California. This legislation required a complete rewrite of our Election Rules incorporating the changes that will go into effect January 1, 2020. The ‘Solera Oak Valley Greens Association Election Rules and Voting Procedures’ were adopted by the Board of Directors at the December 18th Regular Open Board Meeting.

SB 323 amended Sections 5100, 5105, 5110, 5115, 5125, 5145, and 5200 of, and added Section 5910.1 to, the California Civil Code. The Bill enacted a series of reforms to the laws governing board of director elections in common interest developments which are designed to increased transparency and fairness in elections. Solera Oak Valley Greens Bylaws and Election Rules had already adopted many of the changes required under these new regulations. Primary changes to our new Election Rules encompassed:

  • Board of Director candidate qualifications
  • Inspector of Election qualifications and processes
  • Timing of election processes
  • Regulation language formatting

Solera Oak Valley Greens Association Election Rules and Voting Procedures is now available for viewing on the Solera website under Publications > Governing Documents at:

Election Rules & Voting Procedure


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