1. Non-residents participating in activities at any Solera recreational facility must be accompanied by the sponsoring resident at all times.
  2. Facility rooms are available for reservations and use by committees, clubs and activities on a priority basis. Please check with the recreation director in the clubhouse office for further information regarding facility use.
  3. Recreational facilities are not to be used by any business or professional organization to promote sales of products or services unless specifically approved by the Solera Board of Directors. This exclusion also applies to non-profit organizations that request donations from residents and to governmental and political organizations to raise funds for candidates for public office.
  4. Money-raising functions on Association property are not permitted except for Board approved Solera Oak Valley Greens groups. Funds generated must be for the benefit of Solera Oak Valley Greens residents. The Board of Directors must approve any exceptions.
  5. Facilities may be used for inter-club competitions and demonstrations that may include people who do not live within Solera Oak Valley Greens.
  6. Facilities may be used for educational purposes that include non-residents (ex: classes offered through local Colleges).
  7. Club sponsored classes can include non-residents providing that they are the guests of a resident. Priority will be the Solera resident.
  8. Rules that apply to activities which take place at the recreation facilities cannot preclude the use of facilities by any Solera Oak Valley Greens resident. (e.g.: If a club uses the pool area for an event, they cannot keep residents or guests not involved in the activity from using the pool.)
  9. Any resident, using the facilities during an activity, must adhere to the club’s rules for that particular activity. Each club’s rules or statement of purpose must be submitted for approval to the recreation director and the Board of Directors.
  10. Smoking is prohibited within 20 ft. of the clubhouse facilities and, in accordance with Beaumont City Code 1036, smoking is prohibited on the greenbelt common area whenever a community event is being held. If applicable, a smoking area may be designated.
  11. Disorderly conduct, the use of abusive or profane language or behavior infringing upon the right or privileges of others will not be tolerated.
  12. Gatherings of people in the common area to promote political positions, obtain signatures on petitions, promote candidates for office, conduct or participate in religious ceremonies, or any other such activities that are not sponsored by the HOA must be approved by the Solera Board of Directors.
  1. Use of the community Fitness Center is limited to residents only.
  2. Solera Photo ID card required when using the Fitness Center. Please sign in for emergency identification purposes.
  3. Athletic or soft-soled shoes must be worn at all times to fitness center.
  4. Pants with metal studs, decorative beading, double seams, brads etc. are not permitted when using the Fitness Center equipment.
  5. Shirts/tank tops are to be worn at all times.
  6. Use a personal towel or disinfectant wipes provided in the Fitness Center to wipe down handrails, seats and pads after use.
  7. No food or drink is allowed in the fitness center area except bottled water. Sports drinks are to be consumed outside the walking track and the equipment area.
  8. Misuse of the equipment is prohibited. Repair or replacement cost shall be subject to recovery by the Association.

See Temporary Pool & Spa Rules here.

  1. The use of the community pool is limited to residents and their guests. Each household may host a maximum of six (6) guests at any given time. The resident must be present inside the fenced pool and spa area with their guests at all times.
  2. Pool rules are posted in the pool area. Residents are responsible for behavior of their guests of all ages. It is important to take the time to read these rules.
  3. Solera Photo ID card is required to enter the pool and spa area. Residents must sign in and record their number of guests.
  4. Everyone entering the pool and/or spa must rinse off in the shower prior to entering the water. For safety reasons, no soap or shampoo is allowed in the outdoor shower.
  5. Swimwear must be worn and secured on the body in the pool and spa. For sun protections, light colored shirts may also be worn in the pool/spa area.
  6. Incontinent persons, of any age, are not allowed in the pool or spa. No swim diapers are allowed in the pool or spa at any time.
  7. California State law prohibits anyone with diarrhea to be in the pool.
  8. California State Law prohibits the use of glass containers and breakable objects in the pool and spa area.
  9. California State law prohibits pets at the pool and spa facility.
  10. Each person is responsible for picking up his/her own litter and disposing of it properly.
  11. Lounges and/or other Oakmont Clubhouse furniture at the pool and spa facility may not be removed at any time. The furniture is available for use on a first-come basis and cannot be reserved.
  12. Only pedestrian traffic is allowed at the pool and spa facility.
  13. Residents and guests may use pool noodles during normal pool operating hours, so long as the use of the noodles does not present an annoyance to those in the pool area. If the use of pool noodles does present a nuisance, the pool monitor, at his or her discretion, has the authority to ask the resident hosting the offenders to not use the pool noodles or to leave the pool area.
  14. Residents may bring guests under the age of sixteen (16) to the pool area between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Residents will also be swimming at this time, so please remind your guests to be courteous.
    1. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests. If there is a pool monitor present, it is important to remember that the monitor is not a certified lifeguard. The monitor will communicate behavior problems to the host resident who is then responsible for correcting the behavior. If behavior continues, Administration will be notified and guest could be asked to leave.
    2. Children who are unable to swim must be accompanied by an adult in the water. Life jackets and lifeguard approved water wings are encouraged.
    3. No swim diapers or training pants are allowed in the pool at any time. Running, pushing, horseplay, dunking, diving and radios (other than those using headsets) are prohibited.
    4. Water toys for children that do not cause a nuisance to other residents are allowed and must be monitored by resident to ensure safety and courtesy to other residents.
  1. The use of the billiards tables is limited to Solera Oak Valley Greens residents and their guests. All guests must be accompanied by a resident. Guest must be fourteen (14) years of age and older to play.
  2. The use of the billiards tables is on a first come, first serve basis. As a courtesy to waiting residents surrender the table after 30 minutes of play. Exception: Organized Community Tournament play.
  3. The residents may use the billiards tables at any time during normal operating hours of the clubhouse. No resident and guest may occupy more than one table at a time.
  4. If the need for maintenance, repair or replacement, which would otherwise be the Association’s responsibility hereunder is caused through the willful or negligent acts of an owner, his or her family, guests, tenants, or invitees, the cost of such maintenance, repair or replacement shall be subject to recovery by the Association through the imposition of a Special Individual Assessment against the offending owners. CCR VII: 7.03a and IV: 4.04.
  5. No cash betting is allowed.
  6. At any time when using a bridge to make a shot, do not sit on tables.
  7. Residents and guests will make sure that the area is clean and tidy after play. They will check to see that cups, cans, etc. are picked up and placed in trash cans. Care should be taken to avoid excessive use of chalk to prevent extra cleaning demands.
  8. Disorderly conduct including the use of profanity or behavior infringing on the rights or privileges of others will not be tolerated.
  1. Use of the community tennis courts is limited to residents and their guests. Guests using the tennis courts must be accompanied by their resident host. Residents must be present on the tennis courts with their guests at all times.
  2. Solera Photo ID Card is required when using the tennis courts for emergency identification purposes.
  3. As a courtesy to waiting residents surrender the court after one (1) hour of play. Exception: Organized Community Play.
  4. A resident and guest may not occupy more than one court at a time.
  5. Tennis shoes must be worn when using the courts. No black-soled shoes of any kind are allowed on the Tennis Courts.
  6. No more than four players permitted on a court at any time.
  7. Proper tennis etiquette is to be observed.
  8. Bicycles, skateboards, skates, and glass containers of any kind are prohibited in the tennis court area.
  9. Misuse of the equipment, such as leaning or hitting the nets, climbing the fences, etc., is prohibited.
  10. Remove all balls, containers and trash from the area when finished playing.
  11. Only sport approved wheelchairs are allowed on the tennis courts.

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